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City Abandoned

Vincent D. Feldman

With essays by John Andrew Gallery and Kenneth Finkel

"An aesthetic masterpiece—most relevant and revealing for our time."—Robert Venturi

With the photographs in this book, Vincent Feldman offers Philadelphians a testa . . . [read more]

The Selected Poetry of Gabriel Zaid

Gabriel Zaid

Introduction by Octavio Paz

This first appearance in English of Gabriel Zaid's poetry comprises forty-two poems (presented in both English and the original Spanish), translated by a variety of poets.

In his Introducti . . . [read more]

Suzanne Davis Gets a Life

Paula Marantz Cohen

"Suzanne Davis Gets a Life isn't just seriously entertaining, it's entertainingly serious…I want my romantic comedy heroines to have wit, but I want them to have character too, a . . . [read more]

Along Those Lines

Peter Cashwell

After years of crossing borders in search of new birds and new landscapes, Peter Cashwell's exploration of lines between states, between time zones, and between species led him to consider the line . . . [read more]

Where Somebody Waits

Margaret Kaufman

"In the madcap, outspoken, yet hauntingly vulnerable Ruby, Kaufman has created an indelible character, one whose full life arc is succinctly yet voluptuously rendered through the incandescent . . . [read more]

The Summer House

Alice Thomas Ellis

"A work of astonishing illumination and edgy, bright and subversive about women's inner lives and experience."—Francine Prose, New York Times Book Review

. . . [read more]

Hide and Seek

Xan Fielding

New Foreword by Robert Messenger

"Hide and Seek, first published in 1954 and unavailable for many years, is surely among the best wartime memoirs. It is narrated in a vivid close-up style…by a man who spent two . . . [read more]

The Stronghold

Xan Fielding

New Foreword by Robert Messenger

During the Second World War, Xan Fielding served for two years as an officer in the British Special Operations Executive on German-occupied Crete, where he ran an intelligence network in cooperatio . . . [read more]

The Elk Hunt: The Adventure Begins (The Adventures of Wilder Good #1)

S. J. Dahlstrom

"If you like Hank, you'll like Wilder Good, too."—John R. Erickson, author of Hank the Cowdog

Meet 12-year-old Wilder Good, who lives with his parents and little si . . . [read more]

Texas Grit (The Adventures of Wilder Good #2)

S. J. Dahlstrom

In Texas Grit, Wilder spends a week in West Texas at his grandfather's ranch, while his mother and father travel to Denver to see her doctors.

Wilder finds it hard to leave his par . . . [read more]

The Writer Who Stayed

William Zinsser

Adapted from "Zinsser on Friday," The American Scholar's National Magazine Award–Winning Essay Series

William Zinsser, author of On Writing Well and many . . . [read more]

Only the Longest Threads

Tasneem Zehra Husain

Dramatic and lucid accounts of six monumental breakthroughs in physics—Newton's Universal Laws of motion and gravitation, Electromagnetism, Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Field Theory . . . [read more]

The Fields of Light

Reuben Arthur Brower

New Foreword by William H. Pritchard

In this classic study, Harvard professor Reuben Brower guides the reader from noticing the alluring details of a well-made poem, novel, or play to attending to the encompassing ways in which the wr . . . [read more]

Birds, Peace, Wealth: Aristophanes' Critique of the Gods


Three plays translated by Wayne Ambler and Thomas L. Pangle

These three comedies provoke searching reflections on the religious nature of humanity: What are the psychological sources of piety? What is longed for in and through piety? What would a god need t . . . [read more]

From Berlin to Jerusalem

Gershom Scholem

Foreword by Moshe Idel

"An extraordinary life—one that itself takes on symbolic, if not mystical, significance." —Robert Coles

From Berlin to Jerusalem portrays the dual dramas of . . . [read more]

On Jews and Judaism in Crisis

Gershom Scholem

Introduction by Werner Dannhauser

"These essays, dealing as they do with modern Jewish history, literature, and religion, sustain a continuity of conviction that cannot help but inspire a new generation of Jewish intellectual . . . [read more]

The Magic Lantern of Marcel Proust

Howard Moss

New Foreword by Damion Searls

John Updike: "[The Magic Lantern of Marcel Proust] reduces the ungainly and intricately designed masterpiece to its shape, and with hardly a wasted word...The paragraphs on habit and . . . [read more]

Willing Dogs & Reluctant Masters

Gary Borjesson

With the help of Kestra (l.) and Atkis (r.), Gary Borjesson explores what it means to be friends—really friends—with a dog, and how that relationship can illuminate and inform the other . . . [read more]

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